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Resiliency Information
Resiliency Information
This section provides a brief overview of the resiliency research, a description of the Seven Keys to Resiliency® and links to additional resiliency websites.
What is Resiliency?
The past ten years have witnessed an explosion of scientific research on resiliency building from psychology, education, social work and medicine. Research has identified the internal and external protective factors to help human beings recover from stress, trauma and environmental risks.
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The Seven Keys to Resiliency®
This dynamic new model of human empowerment incorporates all of the protective factors identified in the latest resiliency research. It also provides the foundation for many of the Resiliency Institute’s educational seminars and training programs.
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Resiliency Links
These links provide resiliency information and current research from the professional fields of psychology, sociology, health and education. The additional recommended links are to other sites that we believe will prove helpful to our website guests.
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